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Burrow Brand Work

Burrow Brand Work

I was tasked with reimagining Burrow’s branding across digital platforms including social media channels, their blog, and email marketing.

The young start-up aimed for a more elevated, accessible, and relevant look and feel. I produced and directed a photo shoot for new content assets, then developed a content strategy for social channels and the company’s blog, merging playful, youthful visuals and voice with an aspirational, design-influenced aesthetic.

The photo shoot brought in pale tones for spring and a generally more millennial-friendly color palette, accenting the couches with both vintage and modern accessories in cozy settings with the focus on product.

For email marketing, I incorporated gifs for a fun, dynamic feel, lending the brand a lifestyle element, and taking a momentary breather from more product focused marketing.


On social, I brought lifestyle imagery into the mix, creating a destination for current and future customers that balanced product with a more general interest.

For the blog, I combined the two former efforts into one editorial space, managing a team of writers to create light-hearted yet actionable posts for readers.

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